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How we work

Our harvest Process

All of our Lavender is hand harvested using a sickle. Our first variety of the season to be harvested is Folgate. It is cut & placed in a cart & transported back to our processing barn where it is distilled the same day for pure essential Lavender oil.

our distillation process

We use a custom made copper still for our essential Lavender oil & hydrosol distillation. This artisan method has been used for centuries. Copper is known to destroy a wide range of microorganisms, therefore it is highly effective in keeping bacteria out of our oils. Our Lavender is harvested the same day & is steam distilled using ancient glacial well water for purity. The end product is a high quality oil that has nothing but the pure essential oil from the Lavender & the hydrosol is the live water from the plant.


What we offer

We carry a variety of products ranging from raw buds and hydrosol as well as finished products such as pure essential oil, sachets, Lavender eye pillows and Royal Velvet Lavender bouquets. We also offer wholesale & bulk prices for our items. Please click on our Shop section at the top of this page.


“We use sustainable farming and nursery practices.”

Kris Mcpeek  |  owner